What is iFit? Workouts, Nutrition, Cost and More

Shayla Whitter

Since the “workout from home” era began, people who want to get the most out of their fitness programs have become more interested in virtual fitness platforms.

iFit is one of these platforms where you can get great workout plans, mindfulness exercises, and nutrition tips from the comfort and privacy of your own home.

What is iFit?

iFit is a subscription-based health and fitness app that brings on-demand fitness classes and training to the comfort of your home. It provides access to a vast library of workouts suited to all fitness levels, from basic cardio to intense weight training and mental health training.

The new technology is an exciting prospect for anyone who wants to start their fitness journey and those looking to strive towards betterment continuously.

The iFit app is compatible with all smartphones, allowing anyone to work out anywhere at any time. What’s more, you can use iFit with its many iFit-compatible equipment.

You can find the interactive fitness training app on fitness equipment like treadmills, strength machines, ellipticals, and more. Fitness brands such as NordicTrack, Cybex, and ProForm have equipment that comes with iFit technology.

This new technology has fostered a fitness community of over 6 million users from over 120 countries! As the community continues to grow, so does the number of fitness videos and trainers on the app. Today the app features over 200 certified trainers, including ultramarathon runners and former Olympians.

So, is the iFit app actually worth it? Is the future of health and fitness training virtual? Learn all about what the app offers and see for yourself!

iFit Workout Offerings

iFit offers various programs and workouts for all fitness and intensity levels. These workout programs include strength training, cardio, boxing, biking, yoga, Pilates, meditation, and more. iFit also features a large number of trainers. The choices are vast, and finding a trainer that matches your intensity and fitness level is easy.

Not all classes need special equipment, but some do, like dumbbells, kettlebells, or a cardio machine. When choosing your courses and programs, you can see which ones do and do not need special equipment and choose your preferred plans. 

You can use equipment or simply work out on the floor with a yoga mat. In any case, iFit’s app includes navigation and filters to help you find exactly what you’re searching for.

One of our favorite things about iFit-compatible exercise equipment is that you can do virtual workouts using Google Maps to follow paths worldwide. You can choose a route on Google Maps, and the computer will do the rest. 

It will create a virtual route that your exercise equipment will follow in regards to changes in inclines and resistance, while images from your tablet or screen show you Google-sourced pictures or video, making it feel like you’re working out somewhere else.

Furthermore, iFit offers challenges, forums, and live events with leaderboards, allowing users to interact and build a sense of community. It’s like having a workout partner without having to go to the gym to meet them.

Throughout the virtual classes, iFit keeps track of how many calories you burn and how much time has passed. Furthermore, suppose you’re taking an equipment-based class. 

In that case, you’ll be able to follow along with statistics such as distance traveled, speed, angle of ascent, rate of stroke, and other figures related to the specific equipment you’re using.

Eat Healthy – Be Healthy

When it comes to health, wellness, and fitness, nutrition is a critical aspect. iFit helps you keep track of what you eat. By tracking what you eat, and your calorie intake, iFit can generate personalized meal plans to match your fitness goals.

iFit recommends personalized calorie targets for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks based on your specific information and goals! These goals can change as your day progresses based on the activities that you engage in. 

For instance, if you eat a bagel instead of your usual omelet, increase or decrease the amount of exercise you do, or skip breakfast altogether, it will adjust your calorie goals appropriately. All you have to do is keep track of your calorie intake, and it will take care of the rest!

And it doesn’t stop there. While getting personalized recommendations might be enough, iFit also provides nutrition coaching. These nutrition coaching sessions can be group sessions or personal, one-on-one sessions to aid you with full attention.

iFit understands healthy food doesn’t need to be vegetables and bland food. The app is regularly updated with simple recipes to help you replace your daily meals with healthier substitutes. 

The recipes are delicious, easy to make, and quick – Allowing users to follow a healthy diet without having to slog away in the kitchen for hours.

Health starts with the Mind

To keep your body at its optimum health, you also need to ensure your mental health and wellness are in top condition. iFit helps with this with a variety of wellness resources. 

These wellness resources include stress management, sleep tracking, mindfulness coaching, and more.

The iFit Mind app provides interactive and personalized training for your mind. It provides experts in the fields of meditation, mindfulness, and wellness to help you be the best version of yourself. 

These include expert classes in mental resilience, transformative yoga, and classes to help reduce anxiety.

Regardless of where they are on their path, everyone can benefit from the mindfulness and meditation practices offered on iFit. iFit’s virtual classes take mindfulness to their peak. 

Their classes, filmed in beautiful locations, with experts guiding you through every step, are one of the best ways to help you be better at practicing mindfulness.

Another important aspect of living a healthy lifestyle is the ability to maintain a regular sleep schedule. iFit makes it easy to track and record the duration and quality of your sleep. 

When working toward your fitness goals, it is critical that you understand how your eating habits, exercise routine, and amount of sleep all interact and affect each other.

How much does iFit cost?

Now, to talk about the pricing. iFit has different subscription plans to match all budgets. There are three different plans available to choose from: a Yearly Family Plan that costs $396 per year, a Monthly Family Plan that costs $39 per month, and a Yearly Individual Plan that costs $15 per day or $180 per year. 

Only a one-year commitment is needed for the Monthly Family Plan. In contrast, the Individual Plan has no such requirement for a minimum length of service.

With an iFit Family subscription, you can add up to four more users to your account for five users. Each of these users will have access to all the same features as you. 

Their login information, workouts, statistics, and goals will be kept separate from your account and any other secondary accounts. If you subscribe to the Individual Plan, you won’t be able to include any additional users on your subscription plan.

You can discontinue your membership at any time by logging in to your account settings and following the on-screen instructions. Additionally, you can change the level of your subscription plans as necessary.

For those worried about the effectiveness of the app, iFit provides a free week-long trial, so it’s well worth it to try out the app first, see how much you use it, and see if you like it before committing to a membership.

To give you an idea about the price value of the iFit app, let’s look at the pricing of competing health and wellness platforms.

  • Echelon: $29.99 per month for individual plans. $11.99 for the equipment-less plan.
  • Peloton: All-access subscriptions start from $44 per month.

Try iFit Today

So, to sum up, let’s recap the features and benefits iFit provides. First off, personalized workout plans and coaching. It doesn’t matter if you are just beginning your fitness journey or are working to stay on top; iFit has something for everyone. 

The app features hundreds of different workouts and exercise plans, making it suitable for users of varying fitness interests and abilities. And it isn’t just about working out. 

iFit is an all-around health app helping users with stress management, anxiety management, and better mindfulness. It includes everything from meditation to yoga and everything in between.

The best part about the iFit app is how personalized everything is. From your workout plan to your meal plans to your mind. Classes relating to all aspects are interactive and personalized, ensuring you get the most out of the app.

If you still need convincing of the benefits of iFit, go ahead and visit the iFit website today and try their free trial. Explore and learn all their classes, from workouts to meditation exercises, to yoga classes and see for yourself. 

If you want to get coached or work out in a group without ever stepping outside your home, iFit is the perfect app for you!

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