4 Essential Neck Strengthening Exercises for Boxers

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Exercising for years to get the targeted build might make your body disproportionate. Individuals often complain their neck-to-head region is smaller than their lower body. 

You require stronger neck muscles to hold your head well in place. If you are facing such a challenge, then this article will help you a lot. 

Commonly, when you are working on your chest, shoulders, and biceps muscles, you might ignore your neck muscles. 

Here the problem arises, your body starts to appear asymmetrical. But, it’s never too late, you can start strengthening your neck muscles today. Here are 4 neck exercises for boxers explained. 

Why Prioritizing Neck Training is Vital for Boxers?

There’s still a debate going on neck strengthening exercises for boxers. Why are neck strengthening exercises important? Below are some reasons that give much clarity about the topic. 

Prevents Injury

The foremost reason for neck muscle strengthening exercises is injury prevention. While doing high-intensity training and sports, you are likely to fall prey to neck injury if your neck muscles are strong enough to sustain a jerk. 

Neck exercises provide support and stability to your neck muscles, as a result prevent chances of injury.

Protection Against Concussions 

For boxers, concussions are the main threat or point of concern. By strengthening your neck muscles, you can minimize the chances of concussions. But there is no way to eliminate the risk. 

If you have a strong neck; you can withhold the chances and frequency of injury.

Better Posture and Balance

You might experience some irregularity in your posture during strenuous training sessions. You should perform neck strengthening exercises to improve your posture and balance. 

Core Strength Integration

The neck is the connecting point to the other body parts. The neck holds the muscles from the brain and lower body as well. Overall integration and stability to the core can be achieved by stronger neck muscles. 

Neck training exercises should be a part of your regular training session to deal with injuries and concussions. 

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Best Neck Exercises for Boxers

Here is what you need to do to grow thick, strong necks;

1. Neck Lateral Flexion

Neck lateral flexion helps work out the side muscles of your neck called ‘Sternocleidomastoid’ for increased neck flexion and extension. 

How to Do it:

  • Hold the weights in your hand and lie down on your side, keeping the head off the bench.
  • Once you’re settled, release the weight slowly and hang it on the floor.
  • Let your neck go down until you feel a slight stretch on the opposite side of the neck.
  • Start lifting your neck slowly and steadily while you exhale and hold for two seconds.
  • Now inhale and slowly lower the weights to their original position
  • Repeat the steps for 15-20 reps and do the same practice on your other side.

2. Neck Flexion

Neck flexion is a perfect exercise to relieve stiffness in your neck muscles. Moreover, it works well for the pressure reduction of the spinal cord. 

Make sure you are performing neck flexion correctly. A great cheat to know if you are doing it correctly; you’ll experience maximum stretch at the back of your neck. 

How to Do it: 

  • Sit up straight on a bench, high enough for your knees to make a 90-degree angle.
  • Select the amount of weight, and hang it in the harness chain.
  • Keep your feet open shoulder-width apart with toes pointing forward and bend down your torso until it is almost parallel to the ground.
  • Next, hold the weight in your hand and sit up straight again. Gently release the weight and place your arms on your knees.
  • Slowly lower your neck until your chin touches your chest, and then slowly go back up.
  • Inhale your breath when going down and exhale when returning to the original position. Perform 15-20 reps and not more.

3. Neck Plate Curls

Neck Plate curls are a good exercise to ease up the neck stiffness and relax your spine. It helps reduce the frequency of chronic neck pains and increase flexibility.

How to Do it: 

  • Start by laying down on a bench, with your face towards the floor and head hanging off the bench
  • Hold up a weight plate and place it on the top of your head, holding it with both your hands
  • Now, slowly lift the head, hold the position for a few seconds before you lower it down, and repeat the process.

4. Harness Neck Extension

Neck extension does not work exactly like neck flexion. It not only relieves stress on your neck muscles but improves the mobility and range of motion of neck muscles

Neck extension also gives your neck muscles better alignment to perform routine activities with ease. 

How to Do it: 

  • Once the harness is secured on the head properly, lie down on a bench, ensuring your stomach touches the platform.
  • Attach the preferred weights to your harness, slowly release them, and make sure no jerks are felt on the neck.
  • Gently lift your neck upwards until you’re looking up, then slowly return your head to the original position.
  • The above two steps make a single rep. Repeat the steps within the range of 15-20 reps and not more.


The necks are one of the most ignored muscles in the fitness regime, yet they hold a significant place in fighting and boxing. 

If you want to enjoy an aesthetically pleasing body and defeat your opponent in the ring with quick reflexes, it’s high time you start training your neck muscles.

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