How To Get Rid of Side Boob Fat – 5 Tips to Define Your Curves

Shayla Whitter

Have you ever gone shopping and picked a sleeveless dress you couldn’t resist buying? But unfortunately, the pesky little side boob peeking out from under your armpits made you put that dress away?

Well, I am here to tell you that you can go and buy that dress right now because I have a few ways to try out and say goodbye to the side boob fat and hello to your new soaring confidence.  

Why Do You Experience Side Boob Fat?

The side boobs, often called the tail of Spence, are the areas to the side of the breasts and below the armpits. This region tends to be a common repository for excess fat in women, giving rise to what is known as side boob fat—a never-ending concern for many.

To get rid of this side boob fat, the first step you must take is to identify the reason behind it.

Excess fat along the sides of the breast often signals an obesity issue. This occurs when there is a surplus of calories, accumulating subcutaneous and breast fat. 

While fat can be stored in various places, women tend to be more prone than men to deposit excess fat around the hips and buttocks.

However, side breast folds aren’t always a sign of excess body fat. You may have extra fat due to loose skin that allows movement when you raise your arms. 

As you age, your skin’s elasticity reduces, making your skin’s softness more apparent. This natural crease will persist even if your body fat percentage decreases.

Moreover, many women wear a smaller bra size than their actual size, pushing all the skin towards the strap, making it look like you got side boob fat.

It is best to calculate your BMI or body mass index to identify whether the side boob fat is because of you being overweight or because you’re not wearing the right bra size. While adjusting the bra size is easy, having to lose weight is not.  

Spot Reduction Doesn’t Work

One prevalent misconception regarding fat loss is spot reduction, which implies the targeted fat reduction from specific areas. While it may appear appealing to trim down particular trouble spots, it’s crucial to understand that this approach needs to be revised. 

Spot reduction involves reducing body fat in specific areas through targeted exercises. To put it simply, focusing solely on exercises for the armpits or concentrating on a back-fat workout won’t lead to the desired outcome of losing breast fat

Adopting a comprehensive approach is the most effective way to achieve weight loss and reduce overall body fat percentage. This involves a regimen of regular, intensive workouts along with a balanced and nutritious diet.

Tips on Getting Rid of Side Boob Fat

  1. Make Sure Your Bra is The Right Size

Wear the correct bra if you’re self-conscious about your side boobs. Don’t be shy about asking for support from the saleswoman at your local lingerie shop to find the right size.

Checking your bra size can be done in various ways:

  • Make sure the front and back of your bra are even.
  • Wrapping the band around your middle should be a snug fit (though you should also be able to slide a finger underneath it)
  • The cable shouldn’t be painfully pricking you.

Wearing a properly fitting bra can significantly reduce the appearance of side boob fat.

  1. Cut Back on Calories

A caloric deficit occurs when you expend more calories throughout the day than you take in. If your energy needs exceed what you take in through food, your body must resort to burning fat as a fuel source.

Eating less food may seem intimidating initially, but it doesn’t have to mean depriving yourself! Instead, it needs to involve swapping processed snacks for unprocessed fresh fruits and vegetables and consuming smaller meals regularly instead of indulging in large meals infrequently.

In addition, minimizing excessive eating around bedtime can result in significant changes over time. All these adjustments don’t require extraordinary willpower and courage, either; understanding basic nutrition principles and proper diet plans can help make a difference in losing those pesky side boob fats. 

Ensure you know your Basal Metabolic Rate and Maintenance Calories before undergoing any complex dieting routine.

  1. Perform Cardio and Strength Training

Doing cardiovascular exercise will assist you in shedding the fat that tends to accumulate around your side boobs. To achieve this objective, the form of cardiovascular exercise that is most beneficial is high-intensity interval training (HIIT).

This type of workout is highly high-intensity and happens very quickly. During the process, a significant amount of energy is used up. 

The benefits, however, continue beyond there by any means. After completing a high-intensity interval training session, you may experience an elevated metabolic rate for up to 24 hours.

You can sculpt your physique and generate lean muscle mass with strength training. As was stated before, increasing the muscles in your body will assist you in becoming a more effective fat burner. We advocate performing strength training with weights on a four-days-per-week basis.

Compound moves, such as squats, deadlifts, and presses with dumbbells, should be the focus of your workouts. You should aim to complete three sets of eight to fifteen repetitions and perform two to three exercises for each body part. 

  1. Try Bra Made Out Of Different Materials

The material you are accustomed to wearing as a bra may be pulling your skin outwards, making it look fatty. If you are healthy but still have trouble with heavy side boobs, the problem lies with your bra.

You might feel more comfortable if you wore something elastic across your chest. When you wear a bra that is elastic and moves with your body, you receive full coverage, comfort, and support.

Or a full-coverage bra.

You are far more likely to be supported by and keep your undergarments’ appearance smooth when wearing a bra that provides complete coverage.

There are many choices, and the bra you are wearing now differs from the one that will serve you best.

You should find as many laundrés as possible to narrow your search for the perfect one that would accentuate your curves without drawing attention to your side boob.

  1. Surgery

Finally, surgery and other treatment options are available if you’re desperate to get rid of your side boob fat.

Surgery to lose side boob fat is an increasingly popular procedure for those seeking more confidence in their bodies. The procedure, officially called lateral breast reduction, removes excess skin and fat from the sides of numerous patients’ breasts.

Due to its low-risk profile, it has become common among those who can afford it. During the operation, a plastic surgeon removes tissue from around the breast area, lifts and tightens the underlying muscle structure, and removes excess fat near the armpits and chest wall.

The result offers a more shapely frame while being adjustable where needed. It additionally can aid in providing better posture and a fuller-looking chest with improved cleavage.

Many surgeons highly recommend this as it is deemed safe if you are otherwise healthy and tend to report that patients are particularly pleased with their results overall.

But the best route is to start with non-invasive methods and then lean towards surgery as a last straw.

Boost Your Confidence: Embrace Your Body and Distract from Insecurities

Be more confident; no one else notices your side boobs. Everyone’s eyes will be locked in the front, and no one will look to the side.

Overthinking minor blemishes in the body can lead to body dysmorphia and many more psychological issues like depression and social anxiety. While eating healthy and exercising are important, some things are meant to be.

If your body is designed to be fattier around that, you can do little to nothing. The best bet would be to accept this fact and try clothing that takes attention off your troubling body parts.

Final Thoughts

Exercises explicitly targeted at the breasts will not effectively reduce overall body fat. You cannot remove fat from a specific body area using any method. The only means to get rid of the fat on the sides of your boobs is to burn more calories than you consume daily through diet, cardio, and strength training.

If you’ve done these but still struggle with side boob fat, you can invest in a suitable bra, but if nothing works, then surgery can fix this issue.

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