Can You Snort Pre-Workout? Everything You Need To Know

Shayla Whitter

The Internet has devised weird, almost questionable fitness techniques, from parasite-filled diet pills to vibrating belts to shape your booty, which causes more harm than good.

A recent addition to this fitness fad is snorting your pre-workouts.

Usually, and in typical cases, you will consume pre-workouts as a shake; snorting them is a recent advancement.

The theory behind snorting pre-workout is that it will be introduced more quickly to the bloodstream by consuming through the nostrils, making it more effective.

But does this hypothesis hold any credibility? Is it just a silly idea or a technique that actually works? 

Let’s take a look.

How Does Snorting Work?

Snorting is the act of inhaling a powder from your nose. When you snort any substance through the nose, it directly gets absorbed into tiny blood vessels. 

These blood vessels transport the blood concentrated with substance directly to your heart, which is pumped in your entire body, including major organs like your brain.

Snorting substances can get you to feel the effects far more quickly than consuming them through your mouth in the form of pills or drinks, etc. While snorting may seem like an excellent way to enjoy the effects quickly, it is hazardous and harmful to your health.

What Happens if You Snort Pre-Workout?

Snorting is one of the most dangerous acts you can do to yourself, regardless of the substance. But if you snort Pre-workout powder, a substance that you must consume through your mouth, here is what can happen to you:

  1. Your nasal passage will be irritated: the first thing that you will suffer when snorting pre-workout powder that contains caffeine, amino acids, etc., is that your nasal passage will get damaged. Tiny vessels cannot absorb the contents properly and will get hurt, causing your nasal passage to get irritated, burn, and even inflammation.
  1. Ingredients will not get absorbed: the second problem will be that your body will not absorb everything. You’re mistaken if you think snorting a product meant to be consumed through the mouth will help you enjoy the benefits quickly. Not every ingredient can get absorbed through those tinny nose vessels. In the case of pre-workout, you cannot absorb all the ingredients, and you will end up suffering irritations, etc., and not getting the energy you might be looking forward to.
  1. You will end up with infections: when you’re snorting a substance, you are taking in the product and the bacteria that might be in the substance as well. If you inhale a bacteria, it will undoubtedly get absorbed in the nasal blood vessels, resulting in infections.
  1. You may even overdose on the supplement: regardless of how hazardous snorting a supplement is to your body, you may even overdose on the supplement and its ingredients. When you snort powdered pills, you are unaware of how many doses you’re consuming, and since pre-workouts have high levels of caffeine stimulants, they will go directly to your heart. In such situations, you may have an increased heart rate, elevated blood pressure, anxiety, and, in severe cases, more serious cardiovascular complications.

Which Substances Can Be Snorted?

Not every powder-form item can be snorted; the powdered substance must possess the following characteristics to be “snortable.” 

  • It should very quickly dissolve in water
  • It should be a very fine powder
  • It shouldn’t contain sugar
  • It shouldn’t contain thickeners ( any chemical that becomes viscous with water )
  • It shouldn’t contain preservatives.

Pre-workout doesn’t tick any of these requirements, meaning that even if you snort it, one, it will be very harmful, and second, it would only be absorbed in a very small amount.

Should You Snort Pre-Workout Supplements?

Now that you know how snorting works and what happens when you snort pre-workouts, the question remains: should you snort pre-workouts?

Is it worth it?

No, snorting pre-workouts is not worth it at all. You will miss out on the fantastic flavors different brands offer while ending up with irritated and inflamed nasal passages if you opt for snorting.

Dangers of Snorting Pre-Workouts

Snorting pre-workout is hazardous to your health. Your nostrils, nasal passageways, and sinus tissues can get irritated over time, which can lead to several undesirable effects, including the following:

● Nose bleeds

● Irritation of the nasal mucosa

● Perforation of the nasal septum

● Hoarseness

● Loss of smell

● Sinusitis

● Problems swallowing

Remember that the long-term effects of destroyed or permanently damaged nasal airways can be significant.

When air enters your lungs through your nose, it has already been filtered. If your nose cannot perform its function of conditioning and cleaning the air you breathe, the air you draw into your lungs will not be as beneficial to your health.

I am sure you would not want to go down this health-risking spiral.

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Deaths from Incorrect Use of Pre-Workouts

There have been reports of deaths caused due to incorrect use of pre-workouts.

A woman in her twenties had a heart attack after ingesting one scoop of pure pre-workout powder. Even though she didn’t snort it, she still managed to have a heart attack because the pre-workout was not consumed as it should have been.

Caffeine in Pre-Workouts is not a joke, and many cases of heart attacks have been reported because of an overdose of caffeine, a main ingredient in all pre-workouts.

The Correct Way to Consume Pre-Workout

Consuming your pre-workout supplement correctly can maximize its effectiveness and boost your performance. The most common way to consume it is by mixing one or two scoops of powder with eight to sixteen ounces of water, following the manufacturer’s instructions.

But for an extra kick, you should keep a few more tips in mind!

Many weightlifters make the mistake of consuming their pre-workout supplements just as they arrive at the gym or while walking up to it! This is a very ineffective way of getting an energy boost.

The body takes approximately sixty minutes for all the active ingredients in these dietary drinks to reach peak performance levels. Therefore, if you want maximum results and safety from your fitness drink – try drinking them an hour before starting any exercise routine – that way, you’ll get an improved energy boost with no adverse side effects!

You should also avoid taking your pre-workout supplement on an empty stomach. If you consume a stimulant like coffee or energy drinks on an empty stomach, you may experience unpleasant side effects like lightheadedness, jitteriness, and nausea.

Consume a light snack before your workout to reduce the likelihood of experiencing these unwanted side effects.

Other Fun Ways to Enjoy Pre-Workouts

Snorting your pre-workout is out of the options, so let’s look at the best healthy and fun ways to enjoy your pre-workouts.

Jelly Shots

Don’t worry; we’re not referring to alcoholic beverages. If you have trouble gulping down your pre-workout drink, a jelly shot may be the answer.

Get your hands on a sachet of your preferred jelly. Make jelly according to the instructions on the package. Put your pre-workout powder in your jelly, pour it into shot glasses, and chill them until they are jiggly enough to suit your needs.

Jelly shots are a convenient alternative to gulping down a whole glass of your typical pre-workout drink, especially if you’re in a hurry. Plus, you can get a head start and make a few in advance.


Everyone loves slush puppies, and who wouldn’t want to enjoy their pre-workout through a frozen slushie? This slushie won’t just make your tongue blue and will give you a jolt of energy before you hit the weights.

Just throw some ice in a glass of juice (one that complements your pre-workout powder) into the blender, and blend until smooth. Finish it up by adding your pre-workout. Mix all of the ingredients in a blender and serve.

Pre-Workout Sweets

You can pack some of these pre-made snacks in your gym bag to eat before your workout on days when you feel like giving yourself a quick energy boost.

Start by locating an ice cube tray. Apply a thin layer of coconut oil to the treats to keep them from sticking to the tray. Mix one to two scoops of pre-workout powder with a packet of unflavored gelatin and a cup of water while the water heats on the stove. 

After ten to fifteen minutes of simmering, carefully pour the mixture into ice cube trays. Put the tray in the freezer for an hour, then remove it. Store your sweets in a jar with a secure lid.

Take Away

Snorting any substance is never a good idea, especially dietary supplements, as it does significantly more harm than questionably any good. Pre-workouts are made to be digested and not snorted.

If you still want to experiment with your pre-workouts, ensure you’re consuming them in an edible form. Start by trying out the ones listed above, and then come up with your concoctions.

Stay away from snorting pre-workouts and focus more on building a shredded body.

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