The Truth Behind 20 Common Workout Excuses We Feed Ourselves

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Working out has always been a challenging job for those who have yet to start it. Do you face challenges or happily do the Workout? In which category do you fall? You can never find motivation if you find excuses to do the Workout.

Different types of people keep different opinions and mindsets regarding Workouts and health. Some give value to health, while some are careless about health.

Those who find motivation are doing a great job, while those who find workout excuses are not sincere with their health. They keep telling lies to themselves to avoid working out.

If you are in love with physical form, you never lose health. On the other hand, you never find satisfaction if you keep telling lies to yourself to avoid working out. Let’s take a look at the lies you tell yourself to avoid doing exercise and training!

1. I Don’t Want To Get Too Bulky 

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The best excuse you find to avoid working out is to get bulky and fat. You think about gaining weight due to Workouts. Hence, after doing the Workout, you imagine your body will gain extra mass like Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sylvester Stallone.

Are you serious? Yes, this is an excuse that many people find when it comes to working out. Are you one of those who think like this?

2. I Don’t Want To Carry Gym Clothes In My Bag

If you are lazy and don’t want to work out, you make lame excuses. Most of the time, you blame your kit bag where you keep gym clothes and shoes.

It is not heavy from a carrying point of view, but you make it a reason for not working out. How much weight do gym clothes and shoes have? Tell yourself honestly!

3. My Body Is Not Made For Work Out

Every work shirker says this. No one has a supportive body for the Workout, there are flaws in everyone’s body. Instead, a person improves the posture, muscularity, and shape of the body after working out.

Stop making excuses that your body isn’t made for the Workout. This is just a lie that you speak to yourself!

4. I Just Got My Face Polished and Can’t Sweat Today

Many people make an excuse that they have got their face polished, and now they can’t sweat at the Workout. This is just a lie that you speak to yourself to avoid working out. How long can you avoid it? You also get your face wet when you take a bath.

What is the connection of skin polish with the Workout? There is no connection because working out and sweating is good for your health. Just come out of these questions and stop making such excuses.

5. I Forgot My Headphones/Ear pins

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I have forgotten my headphones at home. Many people make these types of excuses to avoid workouts.

Remember, listening to music is good during the workout, but you can’t make an excuse that you forget headphones at home and you are no longer available for a workout. Look, this is just an excuse and lie you tell yourself for not doing the workout.

Music is not worship; it is just entertainment that people add during the workout to find peace of mind! One can do exercise without listening to music. You can try it!

6. People Will Notice And Make Fun of Me

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Most people make an excuse that people will notice them during the workout. They say everyone will make fun of them due to their bulky body. There is nothing like that when it comes to working out.

Everyone is out of shape before starting the workout, and people don’t have time to look at you when you go to the gym. It is only your self-created questions for not doing the workout. In reality, no one makes fun of you because everyone comes to find fitness at the gym.

7. I Don’t Know What to Do and How to start a Workout

If you avoid visiting the gym, you often say, “I Don’t Know What to Do and How to Start Workout.” Nothing like this happens at the gym! There are trainers and guidance available that assist you to work out properly.

Hence, you get complete guidance and training from personal trainers when you don’t know what to do and how to start a workout. It is just an excuse that has no reality! Just go to the gym and speak to experts to start new exercises.

8. It’s Cold Outside, and I can’t do a Workout

Some people also make excuses for the weather. They say it’s cold outside, and the weather is not ideal for doing workout training.

If we look at genuine points, we know that the weather is not concerned with the gym! It doesn’t matter whether it is cold outside or hot, weather changes don’t make a difference. It is just laziness and lack of motivation that makes you speak like this.

9. I Don’t Want to Get Too Tired

Many people make an excuse that they become tired after the workout and they are not able to perform other daily tasks. Is it so? Yes, it is the story of many people in this world. Many lazy and unmotivated guys make this illogical excuse to avoid working out.

People get tired at workouts, but they regain energy after having breakfast full of protein and healthy nutrients. It is just an excuse to avoid working out. Stop making such an excuse!

10. There Won’t Be Enough Machines Available at Gym 

If you are saying this to yourself, you are just finding an excuse for not doing the Workout. Remember, it is just an excuse and nothing else.

If you are a member of a luxury gym, you can find a range of machines that can offer you a variety of exercises at the same time. Stop making such an excuse that there are not enough machines available at the gym.

11. I Have Eaten Healthy Today So I Don’t Need to Go to a Workout

Eating healthy is also an excuse people use before going to work out. They say we have eaten over and are healthy, so working out will be difficult for us.

If we look at the facts of eating healthy, we come to know that eating healthy is a part of the Workout that every trainer does before working out. Generally speaking, it is just an excuse to avoid working out and nothing else.

12. I Am Busy With My Office Work

Many people say they are too busy with office work and don’t have time for exercise. Everyone does office work, but most workout lovers find time for exercise and training because they love to do the Workout.

No matter if their office routine is hectic, they still find time for exercise. On the other hand, those who are lazy and don’t want to participate in gym training often make excuses and say they’ll do the Workout after finishing the office assignments.

Remember, it is a lie they tell themselves to avoid working out.

13. I Can’t Go Because I Have Drunk a Coke

It sounds funny when someone makes an excuse that he/she has drunk a Coke and doesn’t want to visit the gym. It is a big excuse that people make to themselves to avoid working out.

They relate Coca-Cola with health and think they’ll become ill while training after drinking Coke. In reality, there is no connection between drinking coke and working out. A workout is good for your health in all conditions.

14. I Can’t-Miss My Favorite Show on TV

Some say they are busy watching TV. It is another big lie that lazy and work-shirkers tell themselves to avoid working out.

They prefer to watch their favorite television show, but they can watch the episode on repeat, or they can use YouTube to watch all the missed episodes of their favorite show. The fact is that they only make excuses for not doing the Workout.

If you are motivated and eager to start training, you will never make such funny excuses to avoid working out. Do you?

15. I’m Going to Eat a Lot Today, I Can Wait till Tomorrow

There is another lie added to the list that makes no sense at all. Many people make excuses and say that they have plans to eat a lot in the evening, so we’ll work out tomorrow. It makes no sense when someone hints at eating more.

The more you eat, the more you enjoy burning calories at the Workout. Unfortunately, you plan to put a gap of one day, and that is all an excuse and nothing else.

16. I Don’t Want to Start My Yoga Classes Too Early

Many people create confusion regarding workout plans. Hence, they make an excuse that they are not interested in starting yoga classes too early and soon. If we look at this point, there should be no such confusion.

Once you visit the gym, all exercises are the same for someone who works out. It doesn’t matter whether you start Pilates, yoga, running, or other fitness exercises. Saying, ‘I don’t want to start my yoga classes too early’ is only a lie you tell yourself to avoid working out.

17. I Have A Plan For Hair Cut Today

We can find a series of many excuses when it comes to starting the Workout. Among all lies, some say they have a haircut plan and don’t have time for working out.

Are you serious? Do you think such types of excuses justify you? Not at all! You are just telling lies to yourself to avoid working out. Do haircuts need to take more time? You can do a workout before or after the haircut. It shows your non-serious behaviors toward working out.

18. My Workout Partner Isn’t Coming Today

You can also find an excuse that your workout partner isn’t coming today. Remember, this is just an excuse for not doing the Workout. It is understood that everyone enjoys working out with friends or company, but you need a partner to do the Workout.

It is not acceptable! You can do a workout alone because your partner will come another day. Stop telling lies to yourself!

19. I Can Get My Muscles Injured

You are also afraid of getting muscles injured. This is the story of many people when it comes to working out because they find excuses to avoid a workout. Muscle injury is also an excuse for them, and that’s not a genuine thing.

Anyone can get injured at the gym by not following proper exercise techniques. To avoid confusion, you must stay healthy and exercise well by seeking guidance from the trainer at the gym. You will not face muscle injury whether you do exercises or yoga.

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20. It’s My Birthday

Birthday is another excuse that people make when it comes to working out. They prefer to celebrate rather than lose weight at the gym. It is the priority they set when it comes to working out.

No doubt a birthday is a special day and event, but doing a gym takes only a few hours, even minutes. So, you should stop making excuses and work out to find good health. There is no connection between a Workout and a birthday!


We have discussed so many lies that people speak to themselves to avoid working out. Indeed, lies and excuses come in so many types that can stop us from doing the Workout.

If we look at the reality and facts of lies, we all create stories and excuses to avoid training and doing exercises. The Workout needs motivation and willpower and nothing else!

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